• 居酒屋 満月へようこそ

    Welcome to Izakaya Mangetsu!

    Original Izakaya specialties - cooked skillfully with love.


About Izakaya Mangetsu

As an Izakaya restaurant or the place in Japan where to have a drink and have fun, we are happy to bring you a piece of Japan to Germany. Our Frankfurt restaurant offers traditional Japanese cuisine and great sake wines. From sushi to Japanese grilled dishes to seafood, you too should find the right place for us.

We prepare our original Izakaya specialties with selected and fresh ingredients and love!


Anniversary Special

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary with special offers for premium Sake. Only for a short time and while stocks last


    Jubilee price 720 ml€63,00|
    Junmai-Ginjo, Sake Meter Value +2 (slightly dry), Acidity 1.4
    Regular price 113 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€39,00|
    Junmai-Daiginjyo from Tottori, Sake Meter Value +5 (dry)
    Regular price 56 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€39,00|
    Junmai-Ginjyo from Fukui, Sake Meter Value +5 (dry)
    Regular price 68 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€42,00|
    Genshu Junmai-Ginjo from Shizuoka, Sake Meter Value +5 (dry), Acidity 1.3
    Regular price 73 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€34,50|
    Special Junmai-shu from Aichi
    Regular price 60 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€33,00|
    Junmai-Ginjo from Akita, Sake Meter Value +4 (dry), Acidity 1.6
    Regular price 58 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€34,00|
    Special Junmai-shu from Yamagata, Sake Meter Value +1 (Normal), Acidity 1.3
    Regular price 59,50 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€54,00|
    Special Junmai-shu from Shizuoka, Sake Meter Value +3 (slightly dry), Acidity 1.2
    Regular price 94,50 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€37,00|
    Special Junmai-shu from Gifu, Sake Meter Value +3 (slightly dry), Acidity 1.5
    Regular price 65 € (while on stocks)

    Jubilee price 720 ml€23,00|
    Junmai-shu unfiltered, Sake Meter Value -11 (very sweet), Acidity 1.6
    Regular price 40 € (while on stocks)

Chef's Recommendations

  • Avocado Salad

    Avocado and seafood salad with wasabi sour cream sauce
  • Shimaaji Sashimi

    White trevally from Kumamoto
  • Buri sashimi

    Fresh yellowtail sashimi
  • Spider roll

    Inside-out sushi roll with avocado and soft-shell-crab
  • Spicy roll

    Inside-out sushi rolle with tuna, chili and sesame
  • Maguro yukke don

    A bowl of rice topped with spicy tuna
  • Negitoro don

    Fresh very rich tuna chopped with onion
  • Nijimasu shioyaki

    Grilled greg bow trout
  • Hamachi kama

    Grilled Yellowtail's shoulder
  • Hakusai Tsukemono

    Pickled cabbage
  • On-tama kimchi

    Spicy pickled "Kimchi" napa cabbage and a half boiled egg
  • Torikawa Ponzu

    Deep-fried chicken skin with vinaigrette
  • Shiro-Asupara Ohitashi

    Pickled asparagus in traditonal sauce with bonito flakes
  • Shiro-Asupara Tempura

    White asparagus Tempuera
  • Soft shell crab karaage

    Deep fried soft shell crab
  • Ika-nannkotsu Karaage

    Fried squid cartilage
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!

    Go-ya champlue

    Okinawan stir-fried bitter melon with egg
  • Kakigouri

    Green tea milk / strawberry milk / blue Hawaii / Calpis