Á la carte


Á la Carte

  • Gyu tataki salad

    Salad with seared beef
  • Seafood salad

    Mixed seafood salad
  • Japanese salad

    Salad with seaweed and tofu
  • Yamakake

    Fresh tuna fish with grated yam potato
  • Hirame carpaccio

    Flounder carpaccio
  • Hotate carpaccio

    Scallop carpaccio
  • Hiya yakko

    Fresh cold tofu with dried bonito flakes, spring onion and ginger
  • Onion salad

    Onion salad with dried bonito and vinegar dressing
  • Gyoza

    Grilled dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables
  • Tan shio

    Grilled beef tongue
  • Nasu dengaku

    Grilled eggplant with miso sauce
  • Yose nabe

    Hot pot "All in one“ chicken, vegetables, tofu and shrimps in a soup
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!


    Tofu & vegetables in a hot pot with vinegar sauce
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!

    Kimchi nabe

    Hot pot with spicy napa cabbage "Kimchi", tofu, vegetables and porkmeat in a spicy miso soup
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!

    Kaki nabe

    Hot pot with oyster, tofu, vegetables in miso soup
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!


    Hot pot with 7 different tastes Vegetables, egg, tofu, fish cakes, seaweed
  • Seasonal Speciality! 期間限定!


    Hot pot with thinly sliced beef, tofu, vegetables and shirataki noodles steamed in sweetened soy sauce


Small dishes & fried dishes

Small dishes

  • Izakaya Kyabetsu

    Cabbage salad in "Izakaya" style
  • Edamame

    Cooked salty green soy beans
  • Mozuku

    Seaweed in vineger sauce
  • Maguro Kakuni

    Cooked tuna fish in soy-based sauce
  • Shiokara

    Home made salted squid in liver
  • Ikura Oroshi

    Salmon Roe with grated radish
  • Shirasu Oroshi

    Whitebait fish with grated radish

Fried dishes

  • Agedashi Tofu

    Fried tofu in Soy-based sauce
  • Age Nasu

    Deep fried eggplant in soy-based sauce
  • Karaage

    Deep fried chicken
  • Age Takoyaki

    Fried dough balls filled with a chunk of octopus
  • Tako Kara

    Deep fried octopus
  • Geso Kara

    Deep fried squid

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